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It’s an exciting time to join and grow with

The Burger Bar's Company.Opened the first The Burger's bar®restaurant in 1999 and we continue to follow our sound soul principles to ensure we build a

real local burger as leaders of Quality.

more info :

   Liquid capital required :     55.000€

   (Liquid capital is a measure of the financial resources you have to invest in a franchise.

It is the value of your cash, stocks, bonds, and any additional cash like securities that you could readily invest or use as backing to acquire financing. There are minimum requirements because franchisors want to make sure you can acquire necessary financing.)

   Franchise fee :   25.000€

(The franchise fee is the initial fee you must pay directly to the franchise to become a franchise owner. It is only part of the initial costs and does not cover costs such as the location build out, supplies, and marketing costs. Many franchises offer discounts to the franchise fee in certain cases, such as for multi-unit purchases or for veterans looking to become franchise owners.)

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